Always connected. From anywhere

From anywhere

We provide geographically isolated healthcare staff with total connectivity by integrating functionalities that ensure the interactive transfer of vital signs data to medical centres via new-generation wireless technologies.

medipmobile opens up a whole world of amazing new experiences by cancelling out geographical isolation for physicians out on call. This application is conceived to be self-standing, running independently of available wireless technologies, and it can seamlessly work in online or offline modes. Everything is fully synchronized inside the briefcase. Devices are ‘all-in-one’: 10" tablet computer, baeries, ECG machine, blood pressure monitor, blood glucose meter, spirometer, thermometer, pulse-oximeter, etc.

We have even gone further by integrating outstanding functionalities that save information locally and transfer it when a wireless network is detected.

Imagine a rural doctor interacting with her healthcare centre or accessing information online for an injured person so as to make informed decisions before the patient is even sent to a hospital.

This portable design is amazingly light, compact and comes with a battery lasts for weeks. Externally, everything has been conceived for easily portability, it is indestructible and has a pressure release valve, it is waterproof and dustproof.