Devices that work in unison

Devices that
work in unison

Simple monitoring with outstanding precision... Healthcare monitoring devices for use at hospitals are characterized by their total precision, and medipvitals is no exception to the rule. Monitors synchronized with display screens use simple but advanced technology to show all relevant data at a single touch.

Interaction is fast, safe and easy. In addition, our architecture is flexible and open-ended for integration with third-party devices if necessary. We have also opened the door to full mobility, no maer where patients have to be seen – in hospitals, homes or rural areas. Mobile connectivity is now part of the picture.

After years and years of filing paper documents, we find ourselves repeating the same movements. Until now, of course... Because at medipvitals, we know that making tient status data available in real time is critical.

Up till today, every time a healthcare professional wanted to check an ECG, it was a true ordeal, requiring a physical search through patient records to find his or her printedreports.

Now, medipvitals makes it a lot easier. With onetouch of the screen, the vDashboard viewer displays allstored records – virtually as if the doctor were examiningthe patient at this very moment.

The ECG application also exports to printed f ile formats such as PDF or JPG, or data f ile formats such as HL7 a ECG, SCP-ECG or DICOM-ECG, which allow fortransmission with a guarantee of data integrity and noquality loss.