An extraordinary experience

An extraordinary experience

It was essential for our development team to work hand in hand with healthcare professionals and clinical systems integrators. Together we analyzed needs and requirements, keeping all factors in mind: hospital infrastructure, technology, work habits, user types, locations and patient types. The results were fascinating.

Subsequent user experiences at hospitals were eye-opening. In all cases, patient data was registered instantaneously, reducing availability by 4.5 hours compared to manual data transcription. An average time saving of 15 minutes shi per day was achieved, freeing this time for the improvement of personal patient care. But time savings and reliability are not the whole story.

Patients were found to feel beer cared for, as they perceived an improvement in care quality thanks to a safer and more technif ied environment. Healthcare staff also felt more empowered in their profession, as administrative tasks susceptible to errors had been avoided, and in all cases they perceived a substantial improvement in carrying out routine tasks.

Integrating medipvitals in a healthcare organization is simple and efficient, with no rejection problems amongst users, as it improves work habits, works intuitively and streamlines administrative tasks. medipvitals is highly functional and can be adapted to existing work flows with total normality.

Smarter looks,
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medipvitals’ unique graphic design is dynamic and easy to use. Medical user habits have been carefully considered to make the platform friendlier. The screen clearly shows all available options with well-organized, duly structured and easily readable information with good visualisation. Just one look and everything’s under control.

Measurements are shown with colours and symbols indicating their status. Once data are stabilized, they can be validated for safe storage and ready availability in the system. Medical device connectivity is shown by indicators, and the system also allows manual measurement editing. This is the ideal way to guarantee process continuity in all circumstances while avoiding operational delays. Besides the commonly taken vital signs, such as temperature, blood pressure, pulse rate, glucose, or oxygen saturation, medipvitals has its own 12-lead ECG module, with the most common time and amplitude scales, thereby simplifying the analysis and interpretation of results.